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【Kagami Studio】銀黏土製作體驗班 Kagami Studio
Kagami Studio】銀黏土製作體驗班

Kagami Studio 幫助各位學員於短時間內就造出屬於自己的精美首飾 ─「今朝整,今晚戴」!

Kagami Studio 開辦的體驗班,由持日本相田 Art Clay 證書的導師從旁指導,從學員對銀黏土完全陌生,到完成一件自己的作品,只需兩個半小時。同時採用小班教學,3 - 8位開班。


Metal Clay originated at Japan in 1990. It is the crafting of small particle metals such as silver, gold and bronze. Metal Clay can be molded into various shapes and sizes to create luxurious jewelry and sculptures. After drying, the clay can be fired to burn away the impurities, leaving behind pure sintered metal.

Kagami Studio allows craft jewelry makers to create sophisticated jewelry pieces within a few hours of a day.
“You make it in the morning, you wear it in the morning.”

The experience class of Kagami metal clay is taught by lecturer with Professional Art Clay qualification certificated by ACMI. Within 2.5 hours, participants would be able to create their own silver jewelery.
報名方法 電話:3689 3730
課堂地區 中環
課堂地址 香港中環德輔道中106-108號鴻德大廈11樓1102室
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