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【Ecole du Vin de France】EDV 一級品酒證書班 Ecole du Vin de France
Ecole du Vin de France】EDV 一級品酒證書班
Ecole du Vin de France是法國主流的釀酒學校,每年有超過15,000位學生。Ecole du Vin de France成立于 2003 年,為廣大紅酒愛好者和專業人士提供法國萄葡酒知識和專業品酒證書課程。在葡萄酒世界中,該學會曾與許多大型機構建立夥伴關係,例如:香港貿易發展局 、中國侍酒師大賽、等等。

EDV一級品酒證書班志在瞭解有關品酒、 法國的主要葡萄酒產區、 主要葡萄品種及食物的配對基礎原則、如何識別和正確品嘗美酒和如何讀取標籤的課程。
Ecole du Vin de France is one of France's major schools of oenology, with over 15,000 students. Ecole du Vin de France was founded in 2003 and offers the best educational opportunities for enthusiasts and professionals alike to gain knowledge and expertise in wine.The institution has a partnership with manyinfluential organizations in the world of wine: Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HK-TDC), China Sommelier Competition, Hachette-Vins……

EDV Certificate 1 is a training course about the fundamentals of wine-tasting, the major wine regions of France, the major grape varieties and the principles of food and wine pairing, as well as how to identify and properly taste a fine wine and how to read a label.

報名方法 電話:2294 7710 (Dolora Angeles)
課堂地區 中環
課堂地址 21/F, On Hing Building
1 On Hing Terrace
Central, Hong-Kong


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